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    The historyof Aleppo soap

    Due to its situation the city of Aleppo (Syria) was for a long time the place of meetings and exchanges between the traders of the silk route and those of the caravans of the spice route.


    Aleppo soap has been used since the Antiquity, but it is in the 7th and 8th centuries that soap factories developed in Aleppo. Aleppo soap is at the origin of the first hard soaps in the world. Its original manufacturing process is based on abundant local products such as olive oil and sweet bay oil (laurel)found in this region. Aleppo soap is exclusively made of d’huile vegetable oils..

     The manufacturing process is still hand-made by specialized craftsmen: transmission of the know-how of the saponification from father to son. The cubes are cut manually, dried in towers, protected from the sun during 9 months minimum to obtain an exclusively authentic soap, with its characteristic irregular outlines, respectueux good for the skin and respectful of the environment


    According to its composition, drying stage, and its quality, the color of the soap can vary from very pale yellow to dark green.

    Extremely soft, it can be used for daily body care, face and hair. When containing 20 % of sweet bay oil, this soap can be considered proper for treatments. Its ancestral formula, its manual production methods, its noble ingredients all of local origin and its specific properties good for the skin have made the celebrity of this soap.

    Authentic Aleppo soap is the result of this know-how and its extremely simple but original and consistent recipe.

    Video production of traditional Aleppo soap.

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